Volunteers are the backbone of our organization. Without these kind and generous people we would not be able to help the countless people who seek our help.

Call us today and talk to us about how you want to be involved in our vibrant organization. You can also email us. We look forward to speaking with you!


  • Volunteers help our students achieve their learning goals

  • Volunteers help guide the function and operation of our organization

  • Volunteer help fund our organization and what we are able to achieve

Join a committee

Committee involvement tends to be more intermittent than continuous. You can choose to join a committee as an ad hoc member or as a Board member – the choice is yours. We encourage you to put your special expertise to good use by joining one of our committees.

Policy and Procedure

Create policies and guidelines for the staff and the Council.

Human Resources

Look at succession planning and emergency transitions and help plan for the future.


Show your creative side by writing articles for the local newspaper to keep our brand newsworthy and raise our profile in the community. Working with our Outreach Coordinator, our goal is to keep in contact with social service agencies to encourage them to refer their clients in need of skill upgrading to us and to keep the community current on our programs.

We have a long history of raising funds in our community. Why? Because everyone involved has lots of fun. Some of our fundraising events include a dinner hosted by our local MP, a Snowmobile Ride with a delicious chili lunch, the always hilarious Dragon Boat Race and Tag Days which is a great way to spread the word about us. New fundraising suggestions are encouraged so tell us your great ideas and get involved.

Board Development

Help us to reach out to the community to recruit new board members and keep our current board members well informed and trained.

Become a tutor

Teaching experience is not necessary to be a tutor because we give you the training needed to have a successful learning experience with your learner and provide you with the learning materials to use. Tutors typically meet with their learner twice a week for a couple of hours. Due to the training involved and student commitment, we ask our tutors to make a one-year commitment.

Become a supporting member with your membership

With your yearly $15 membership you receive program updates and an invitation to vote at our annual meeting.

Join our board

Become a Board member and make informed and lawful decisions on behalf of the Council. We meet once a month for an hour or two. We have an 8-member board and positions include: president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary and four directors. The term of office is two years and is renewable.

The Board is responsible for

  • Establishing strategic and policy direction

  • Overseeing organization activities

  • Guaranteeing board effectiveness

  • Ensuring compliance with national membership standards and brand

  • Supporting the organization through personal philanthropic activity, the introduction of valuable business and community contacts and donors

  • The recruitment of learners and volunteers

Expectations of a Director

  • Acts honestly, in good faith, and in the best interests of the organization

  • Complies with the organization's code of conduct and conflict of interest policy

  • Respects the confidentiality of board discussions and information

  • Works positively, cooperatively and respectfully with all other directors and the management

  • Constructively monitors organization performance and brings forward best practices

  • Attends all meetings of the board, assigned committees and board retreats in person or electronically

  • Comes prepared to meetings and events, asks questions, provides wise counsel and makes a constructive contribution to discussions

Preferred Skills and Qualifications

  • Knowledge of the ODLC organization and its evolving relevance in the community

  • Previous board experience is preferred

  • Professional leadership skills, and experience in strategic planning, ethics and project management

  • Skilled in marketing, outreach, communication and community advocacy would be awesome

  • Appreciation of local community strength, opportunities and knowledge of education, healthcare and diversity issues


  • Contribute 3-5 hours per month for board activities or meetings in person or electronically (typically September – June)

  • Uphold the values and mission of ODLC

  • Support and participate in various revenue generating opportunities

  • Commitment of 2 years for new members

Make a donation

If you don’t have time to volunteer with us you can still support this very worthwhile cause by making a donation. Cheques should be made payable to Orillia & District Literacy Council. Tax receipts are issued for donations over $20.

Refer a student

Perhaps you know someone who has difficulty reading, doing simple math calculations – whatever. This person may be a relative, a friend, a neighbour or a co-worker. Do them a favour and refer them to us. Our learning programs are free and we teach anyone over the age of 19.