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Hi, my name is Taylor MacBean and this is my story.

When I was in school, I only completed grade 10. I had a hard time concentrating and was easily getting distracted. I dropped out because life kind of got in the way. I then started to attend the Adult Learning Centre because I wanted to get my grade 12 diploma. I was eager and determined. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to complete my courses for my grade 12 because I was in an accident. It took me a few years to get back on my feet and try again. This time I needed to do some upgrading first. In 2019, I was told that the Orillia and District Literacy Council was the best place to get some upgrading, so I decided to give them a call. Once I did, I got started right away. The staff was nice and very helpful; they even pushed me hard and encouraged me all the way. I had to learn my math all over again, from multiplication, division, percents, fractions and decimals. As for my reading and writing, I had some minor issues. The Council taught me how to do a book report, and a news report. They gave me the confidence that I needed to complete my goal path. They did ask if I wanted a tutor and before I knew it, I had an amazing tutor who helped me along the way. Her name was Robyn MacEachern. I worked with Robyn for a few months and I was ready for the next step. The Literacy Council made a referral to Quinte Adult Education, and that is where I did my online learning to achieve my goal of getting my grade 12 diploma. It took me a year to complete my grade 12, and when I got the news that I would be graduating, I decided to go in person and share my news with the council. When I arrived at the council and shared my news, they were so happy for me and congratulated me on my success. I asked them if they would like to attend my ceremony. January Fraser, who is the Program Coordinator, said that she would be honoured to attend. I graduated on June 22, 2023 in Belleville, Ontario with close friends and family and a member of the ODLC. I received my grade 12 diploma. I finally did it!!  After all, I couldn't have done it alone without the help of the amazing staff of ODLC. I would definitely recommend anyone who is looking for some upgrading or wanting to get help with their goal path, to go to the ODLC. Now I can’t wait to start a new chapter, a new beginning in my life, but I know this... if I ever need help, I know where to go.